Inversely proportional

I like to watch the person viewing my photographs to see if their eyes twinkle or cloud with tears. Does the smile sneek out when they were not expecting it to. Then I know I have captured emotion that can be shared.

Marsha Cairo

I also like to watch a person while they are looking at my images.  It’s fun to hear and see their reactions.  I quite often can predict the way my audience will respond based on the genre being observed. 

It seems the honest reaction to my images is Inversely proportional to its ‘abstractness’.  In other words, the more obvious the work, the better people like it.  The more representative the images – either in composition or subject matter – the less “ooh’s and ahhh’s” I get.

What I LOVE is when I express my creative soul to others – speaking the unspoken Language of Vision  – and they can hear me.  THAT is when…I know I have captured emotion that can be shared.

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