Give your soul

If you want to photograph a man spinning, give some thought to why he spins. Understanding for a photographer is as important as the equipment he uses.

Margaret Bourke-White

There is so much more to photography than simply snapping the shutter.  (or pushing a button – since many people don’t know what a camera shutter is anymore!)

To capture the essence of a location, a person, an event or a moment, you must give of yourself.  It reminds me of the idea that some cultures don’t like getting their picture taken as it could steal their soul…  I believe that you cannot take a truly meaningful picture unless you GIVE a bit of your soul.  Only in that way will your pictures reflect an emotional attachment that draws people to it.  Otherwise your pictures are simply snapshots – easily viewed and easily forgotten. 

So, next time you begin to push that button, ask yourself if you have given any thought, time or attention to your subject.  If not, stop, draw a breath and do so.  Then – shoot away!

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